xyz is still undecided

This is my xyz folder, and what I file as lifestyle. I like fun, laughter, movies, music, and what I value as important. I want to feel free, and have something to believe in. It's what we call faith, and it gives us hope for what's beyond our future. There are only so many things one can value as important in all humanity, so as not to let to much of what's out there in the world overcome us. I think we all want that warmth, and comfort that brings us to a place that we can call home. I'm a man whose been down many roads traveled, with still many roads yet to be found, who has many goals set with too many goals still not reached, whose been down the wild & windy winding road in the side of life that leads us to who knows where, who believes it's still all right to travel those paths as long as there's no lost of subconscious values in what we call morals & ethics in that it might bring himself to get into so much trouble that he wouldn't be able to get out of it, and whose followed a faith that will give his mind peace & the hope for an anticipated afterlife.

So, what I'm really trying to say is I thought of posting just the gospel truth. On the other hand I'm like the dust of the earth resurrected, and I might make this my for adults only site (that is, if it's OK) due to my sense of humor. I recently discovered I like to make people laugh, and what's on the surface might not really shine through what's beneath the skin (as in skin deep inner beauty). I hope you will agree...

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